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MSC Thai Culinary School

MSC Thai Culinary School was established in collaboration with Minor International Pcl (‘MINT’), S&P Syndicate Pcl (‘S&P’) and Chef Chumpol Jangprai. All partners are renowned food operators and have long experience in food service industry.

MSC is focused entirely to create the highest standards of Thai culinary and also aims to support the Thai Government policy in bringing Thai food to the world. Our core objective is to teach theoretical and practical cookery skills in a state of the art environment, whilst ensuring our students to present themselves as highly skilled and inspirational chefs with guaranteed career prospects ahead of them.

At MSC Thai Culinary School we offer 1-year professional culinary course, which is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Thailand Professional Qualification Institute. Students attending the course are required to pass the examination from World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS Certified professional Chef). In addition, we also offer short courses for restaurant entrepreneurs, half-day course for interested students (Thai and English course), and weekend special course for junior chefs, family cooking, fruits and vegetables carving, Thai dessert lovers, and etc.

MSC mission is to be the best Thai Culinary School by focusing on teaching the highest cookery skills and having internationally accredited courses and instructors, which are significant in developing the standards in culinary education.